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This site has everything I write for BBC Good Food Magazine, The Sunday Times and The Guardian and a few other random pieces.

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About me..

I’m EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF COMIC RELIEF, I write columns for BBC Good Food Magazine and I’M an interviewer on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Loose Ends’. 

In ancient history, I was a co-creator of the Make Poverty History campaign and a producer of the Live 8 concerts. 

And I script edit/ co-produce the films made by my current boyfriend Richard Curtis: Four Weddings And A Funeral, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Notting Hill, Love Actually and About Time. I’d quite like a little lie down. 

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Janie House says:

    Hi Emma,
    Just read your article in The Telegraph ‘There’s a lot that’s Different about Schools in America….’ and wanted to thank you 😊!!
    We live in NY, moved here for hubby’s job 9 months ago and have just (nervously!) given our youngest, who’s about to take Common Entrance, the option to come out and attend school here instead of joining his older twin brothers at Radley as we are now planning to stay on in The US.
    All feels rather daunting and am on a very steep learning curve as I research schools here !!
    Ah! but you’ve made me find my optimism again !!
    Long may it last😬!!
    Big thank you !!


    • Nikki Ryan Ms says:

      Hi, Emma my name is Nikki Ryan I am trying to contact you I heard the radio interview on Eddie Nestor’s drive time can you contact me please it’s regarding an idea I have for the cause you were talking about I only caught the tail end and I have an idea that may be of interest and to raise money thanks Nikki 🙂


  2. Tiny Tim says:

    Really enjoying your column from New York – this week’s was fascinating! Can’t quite get my head around the continued use of the “my current boyfriend” expression – are you planning to move on? What do your children think – does this make them feel secure? How does your current boyfriend feel? Does he call you his “current girlfriend” – is this an Americanism or just the modern way?


    • steve says:

      Hi TT – not sure how my question about “current” b/f – posted a week after yours it seems but in ignorance of yours – got linked up.

      But maybe between us we will be honored with a response?


      • amiright1 says:

        Have you been considering your response for six years? I too am British and like a joke – indeed I asked if it was some joke between them being shared with us.

        But surely a boyfriend relationship is inherently ephemeral so “current” would break the understanding that unless broken off it will progress to marriage/permanence?

        “Current Husband” is probably safer in jest?


  3. David Read. says:

    Emma, Emma, Emma,
    It seems most of your perfect day in NYC is spent eating! Think of those quintessential NY moments that you missed; the riverside walk down to Battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty, from there go to view the Brooklyn Bridge and then cut back to Canal Street to score a knockoff Rolex or handbag. Stop off for oysters and Guinness at Grand Central Station, enjoy the madness of Times Square, and then end the day atop the Empire State Building taking in the incomparable views. You can do most of this in one simple forced march: walk up Broadway as far as you can in one day. You see every bit of NYC along the way, good and bad.


  4. Anthony Morgan says:

    Hi Emma, enjoy your NY meanderings, however like so many you use in your last article the expression ” over and out” this is incorrect as it should always conclude with “out” by using “over” you are inviting the other person to reply but then contradict it by confirming you have finished communicating by using “out”. Hope this is helpful to you and many others, keep on writing. Tony


  5. Steve P says:

    I beg to differ. In a two way conversation you each indicate that you have finished your present comment and invite a response by saying “OVER”. This continues until one of you think there is no more to say. That person passes the baton with “OVER AND OUT” inviting the other to confirm end of communication with “OUT” or to reopen it. First person does not stop listening until he hears “OUT” from second.

    Meanwhile I wonder how the “CURRENT boyfriend” is doing. Is this some intra-couple joke being played in public?


  6. Steve P says:

    Having now read today’s Telegraph piece I see he is referred to as your “then boyfriend” two years ago. This seems to imply that the relationship has not continued.

    You may think your relationships a private matter. But you brought your readers into them so should not be surprised at interest?


  7. Margaret Wilson says:

    Hello Emma
    I have never wriitten to a writer before. I once wrote a fan letter to Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones but that’s quite a while ago.
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your award as Columnist of the Year and say how much I have enjoyed reading about your time in New York. You gave a lovely different slant on a city we think we know well from films and books or from holidays. Is there any chance you and your current boyfriend could go to live in a different city for a year so you could write an eqully enjoyable column?
    Very best wishes
    Margaret Wilson


  8. Janet Toogood says:

    I have enjoyed your column immensely. It is the first thing I turn too in the Tuesday Telegraph. Will miss you every week


  9. Bob2 says:

    Emma Freud ? As in Clement Freud? You’re father was a disgrace…I’ll keep posting if you keep deleting. Nice to see that sexual abuse of kids is still hushed up by deleting comments


  10. Steve P says:

    BOB what sort of person are you? The sort that bombards female MPs with nasty mail perhaps?

    How would you feel if it was your father this was about? Would it be your fault? Would people be justified posting nasty messages on your blog?


  11. John Sinisgalli says:

    Hope you are staying safe in these crazy and sad times.
    I hope you don’t mind my random contact. I am a lawyer in Melbourne Australia and am not completely crazy.
    I have a script idea i think you, Danny and Richard would like to see. i would like to send you a PP presentation.
    Can you contact me? I will leave my contact dedtails.
    Love your work. I had the good fortune of being in London this January. Can’t see us getting back over for a while.
    Stay well.


  12. Kairen Griffiths says:

    Hi Emma – Its Kairen here (Jonny Griffiths’s sister!) – Not sure if this is the right way to contact you, but I tried to email you today but it bounced back – could you let me know your up to date email address? xxx


  13. billr542015 says:

    Hi Emma,
    I just wanted to take a moment and say since moving to the UK 18 years ago, one of the highlights of my theatre-going year and for me the official beginning of the Christmas season has been the National Theatre Quiz. ( I’m one of the know-it-alls in the audience). And this year being without a Quiz is pretty depressing. Necessary of course, but depressing. I simply want to wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas with the hope that we’ll all have a quiz next year. Best wishes,
    Bill Rosenfield


  14. James Morrissey says:

    Emma Freud

    Calling from Dublin …about …long story…Lucien Freud painting a young Garech Browne…the Guinness family…the Beatles etc., Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Seamus Heaney, The Chieftains etc

    J M


  15. Claire Millar says:

    Message for Jill/ June ( sorry EF- I m not on IMDb pro)
    I m pretty sure this is the wrong way to get hold of you but I ve been looking for you…

    I m hoping to get a glorified pamphlet going ( publishers fun & games during lockdown) on young girls as societies’ progenitors/ the Malalas & Gretas are the (the true Rosa Parks )Claudia Colvins of their generations
    You are the emblem of how primate -not just human- progress occurs
    Let me know if you are interested in contributing…


  16. Zoe Costelloe says:

    Hi Emma, my partner and I saw you interviewing a couple of times at the recent Cheltenham Literature Festival and just want to pass on how absolutely brilliant you are/were! Very engaging, warm, relaxed and so funny! The Bono session was simply amazing and we feel so lucky to have been present at such an intimate gathering!! We are still buzzing this morning, thanks so much – and also slightly sorry for being so gushing, haha! Zx


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