6 thoughts on “The day I tried a 1,600 calorie milk-shake.

  1. dianebrewster says:

    My mind went into overdrive extending “the excesses of the ice cream milkshake” as an analogy for the excesses of the Trump phenomenon 😉 but I’m not sure I can make it work, while the excess is there the sweetness isn’t…. Nothing pleasant about DT. OTOH, I suppose if you think of refined sugar as an addictive toxin masquerading as something good then maybe it does work?

    1,600 cals. Just WOW – I could probably eat that much in chips (with ketchup and S&V) easily but not in sweet things (unless it was cheesecake! Have you eaten proper NY baked cheesecake?)


  2. thewhitespike says:

    I do love a milkshake Em. Kathy is taking me to New York for my ‘big’ birthday next year, I wonder if I can talk her into waiting in a line for one of those! Hope they have coconut…


  3. John says:

    Millennials are no different from there equivaleny age-group in previous generations. It’s just that in the past perhaps there was nothing worth queueing for or not enough spare time in which to queue. Apart from rationed food back in the 40s and 50s.


  4. John Jamie Evans says:

    Really enjoy your columns in the Telegraph, Emma. Not having a very sweet tooth the milk shakes make me feel rather ill but you oviously enjoyed the experience. Do people really queue for several hours to drink a milk shake?

    Hope your sore arse is better from last week!

    Carry on scribbling, please.


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