6 thoughts on “How planning Red Nose Day resulted in an unexpected religious experience.

  1. dianebrewster says:

    They do religion very differently over there don’t they ? Lots to admire and lots to fear! Stark contrasts in views and outcomes, but lots of passion. We’re a bit more beige I think. I do love their enthusiasm but some varieties of it terrify me!


  2. townsend gilbert says:

    Thanks, would love to talk to Someone about what we are doing for RND in Chester, VT. Thanks

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  3. Annie J says:

    When you see good works and people proud to ‘serve’ others less fortunate than themselves, it really does give you a lift and encourages you to do your bit.
    A thought provoking article . Good luck with Red Nose USA.

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  4. Kim West says:

    Why did you by implication criticise Trump in your RND article when he unlike Obama is proposing increasing taxes on the rich to help the poor? As a Republican he is more likely to get such a policy through Congress than any Democrat President


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