10 thoughts on “Goodbye New York – it’s been… a revelation

  1. Avril Dixon says:

    Dear Emma,
    Thank you, thank you for your rich writing and entertaining column from New York. I have enjoyed your ride with you and well done for having the courage to pack up and live out your fantasy with your family! I too spent a year in the States.
    You truly deserve your prize.
    Much love Avril (from the depths of Devon)


  2. thewhitespike says:

    Well done Em, you have thoroughly entertained us for a whole year, I’ll miss your colum at the start of the weak. You really did deserve your award, I read every word of it and I think Richard should make it into a movie. At least you should make it into a book.


  3. Candida Butler says:

    Please don’t stop writing … I have loved every single word you have written… You deserve your award. Congratulations. Candy

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Dee Radford says:

    Many congratulations on the award Emma. I have loved reading your column which has made me long to visit New York some day. Keep writing, you are really good at it! Well done as well to Richard and all of you that worked so hard to make RND a success in the States x


  5. Dale Marie says:

    Thank you so much for your column … as a mother of three who has made more than 50 (yes, 50) moves around the globe, traipsing after my husband who’s job requires him to never stay in one place long enough to fill in a Starbucks loyalty card … I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures. Please, please don’t stop writing! Award well-deserved. Absolutely.


  6. dianebrewster says:

    I’ve loved reading your columns Emma, thank you. And thank you to you and Richard for all the hard work you’ve done for Red Nose Day 🙂 I’m guessing you’ve, understandably, gone into a bit of a cocoon right now. Hopefully you and the family will emerge from it strong and happy. I’ll be ‘holding you in the light’ as we Quakers say x


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