What my kids have learnt from their New York school.


After two terms experiencing the New York education system, Emma and her children find schools in Manhattan very different to those in the UK – from parental involvement to sex education.

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3 thoughts on “What my kids have learnt from their New York school.

  1. mylifeasadomestictechnician says:

    oooh, it’s all got a bit too political on the comments page of the telegraph site for me. i just enjoyed the read as it got me out of my kids bath time. I like to imagine someone plays a kazoo on the school bus like in ‘sixteen candles’.


  2. dianebrewster says:

    Really interesting – and surprisingly positive – really pleased your kids are having a positive experience of school there. Interestingly I just came across this today http://saynotoacademyschools.blogspot.co.uk
    Which has a perspective on the US system as a whole and comments on the benefits of a national curriculum. I’m a bit on the fence with this one, I think some aspects of UK state control of education have been appalling and a straight jacket for teachers, stifling creativity. OTOH I’m not sure I want *everyone* to have the freedom to reach what they want (as the blog points out there can be some appalling consequences). Good luck with the promoting over the next few weeks 🙂


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