3 thoughts on “5 gadgets to get you through Christmas.

  1. Brian Dolan says:

    Just read your article on tipping in Manhattan.

    I”ve just returned from 20 years of living in Chicago, got out of Dodge just left before the bad Sheriff took over.

    I dont normally do this, write to Journalists, but I dont believe that a saloon manager called you because you didn’t tip a stylist.Sorry but it doesn’t ring true to me at all.

    Just saying…its just not the America I lived in.

    I love your work and your Husbands, love actually is the modern Christmas classic.

    Now realize that I sound like a complete knob, but I felt the need to call you on it.
    If it happened I apologize but honestlyI dontthink it did.

    Brian DOlan


  2. Emma freud says:

    Appreciate you letting me know how you feel. The truth is… it was true. On my children’s lives. And I was with a friend when it happened so I even have a witness! She rang… asked me if I had been happy with the treatment…. I said I had loved it… she said ‘oh it’s just you didn’t leave a tip’. I said ‘but I only had a card and you said tips were only in cash and I had no cash so I apologized that I couldn’t leave a tip’. She said ‘yes I know’.

    Would love to say it wasn’t the America I know either… but actually the tipping culture in our part of Manhattan was really extreme. There was a manicure place a block from our house which I went to occasionally. First time there I asked if I could add a tip onto my credit card for the lady and she said ‘no only cash’. I said I didn’t have any so she pointed to the cash machine in the corner. I went to use it but my card was rejected by it. I told the lady and she said ‘try it again’. I tried it again and it still wouldn’t deliver. So she told me to go to the cash machine at the bank in the next block. It was a bit like that everywhere.

    And I fear it is coming to the U.K. Too… the other day I was checking out of a hotel in Oxford and was asked if I would like to leave a tip on top of my room bill.

    Anyway… thanks for caring enough to write.



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