9 thoughts on “Red: Lean on me.

  1. townsend gilbert says:

    Emma, I have been trying for 3 weeks to get in touch with someone’s at Red Nose Day, and no response. Want to do an event this year to raise money and want to share the money with our local kids, 68% of our kids are on free and reduced lunch.. I can not get ANYONE TO REPONDE to me. Any help ?? Thanks

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  2. thewhitespike says:

    Hi Em, I thought you and Scarlett’s story, was very moving, very personal and brave of you both to share your experiences with us. You have a wonderfully gifted daughter, I have read some of her posts and I’m sure she has helped a lot of youngsters along the way. I hope she keeps fighting her demons, I wish her, and you, strength and happiness for the future.


  3. Sarah says:

    Such a lovely words about such a difficult thing for people to go through; knowing there’s someone there to listen is so important. Hope Scarlet keeps on getting better.


  4. Jennie Penhallow says:

    Thank you for your words. Struck home as travelling same journey with 20 year old son at moment………
    Listening and being here for him so important, and not trying to solve everything in a “Mummy” way just as important too! Hope all our young ones who struggle, keep on getting better.
    Talking, reading and finding out you’re not alone helps enormously.


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